Useful Forms

MDP Nomination Form

If you go to one of the Discovery Schools you can use this form to nominate yourself to become an MDP. MDPs are elected from children who are in Key Stage 2 every September. An MDP can hold “office” for two years so we elect new MDPs every year on a rolling cycle.

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Legislative Bill

This is the template we use to create a “Bill”. The House of Lords (our Headteachers) always make a comment on the Bill before its goes to the House of Commons for debate.

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Cabinet Discussion Paper

This is the template we use to develop our thoughts before we vote. The Bills are sent to MDPs before the House of Commons debate. MDPs are expected to read and think about the arguments they might use in the vote. During the House of Commons meetings MDPs form two groups, a group for and a group against the Bill, to debate the issues surrounding the Bill fairly. Then there is a “free” vote to decide on the Bill.

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